The Mission

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Courage Vibe DocumentaryIt’s not just a Movie.  It’s a Movement.

It begins with the movie then builds into a strong, international online community.

Spanning multiple forms of digital media with the intention to gather, engage and serve a global generation of like minded individuals who share the desire to unconditionally live their purpose and make a positive difference in the world.

Our Mission:
Ignite social change. Move the masses to connect to their passions, transform their lives and make a difference in the world. Build a robust community that shares a commitment to service, courage, transformation and gratitude.

Inspired Partners:
We are looking for exceptional people.  Individuals and organizations who want to help shape the world, promote their brands through life-affirming films and programs and impact tens of thousands of lives.

Global Community:
The documentary is the catalyst for the audience’s journey.  From there viewers are moved to participate in our online community of like-minded people to transform themselves and the world around them.  The website will feature products, wisdom and events.

Outreach Alliances:
Outreach and strategic audience engagement campaigns will be conducted with community organizations and partner sites to offer free movie showings and programs.