The Travelers

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Meet the Travelers:

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JOHN:  The family protector with a marshmallow heart, goofy sense of humor and passion for helping animals. When touched, his free flowing tears belie his imposing demeanor. Frequently mistaken for Bruce Willis by people in Asia.

JODY:  The family compass and skillful mediator she embodies both grace and a down-to-earth outlook. Her feisty streak reveals itself in her courageous dedication to helping causes and having great fun with her family. Determined to win a wrestling match with Riley.

RILEY:  The fun-loving, adventurous, and reluctant teen heartthrob has wisdom beyond his 16 years. Creative, heartful, athletic and hilarious he earned his self title of “Global Citizen” by befriending everyone he meets. Prone to spontaneous back flips.

ALLISON:  After being adopted from Russia as an infant, at age two she developed a rare case of Neurosarcoidosis that stole her ability to speak in all but guttural ways. Despite this she is a bright light and communicates clearly with her heart– enchanting everyone she encounters.  Allison is dedicated to inspiring others who live with challenges to be brave, and not to let anything stand in the way of living the life they dream of.